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National Congress Institute

What We Offer

  • 10 hours of 1 on 1 coaching

  • Weekly Group meetings

  • Schedule Flexibility

  • Unmatched staff

  • All at an Accessible Price

Elite Staff

Our staff have 40 Top-6 placings at national TOC Bid tournaments, multiple major championships, and have coached finalists at almost every major tournament in the US.


Our camp is structured to accomodate every student, regardless of schedule or budget.


Our camp costs a fraction of what our competitiors charge at only $600, and complete financial aid for all students who need it.


Hear what our students have to say about our premier instruction.

Our Structure

Our camp is designed from the top down to provide the highest quality coaching experience while also maximizing flexibility and accessibility for all students.


The camp runs five weeks from 6/25 -7/29. All coaching will be done digitally over Zoom. Sessions and other activities will be scheduled intermittently throughout each week around students' schedules to accommodate any conflicts or other commitments students will have.


Read below to learn more about what is included in the National Congress Institute.

Our Structre


Coaching Sessions

Every student receives five one on one sessions with a speaking coach and five with a content coach.

WeekLy Group Lab Sessions


Every week, students will meet with their lab of 10-15 students. This gives students the chance to build friendships and practice with a familiar set of labmates throughout their time at camp. 

Unlimited Curriculm Database Acsess

Students will have unlimited access to our database of curriculum lectures, write-ups, flows, and more. We will provide lectures and additional content throughout the summer from guest instructors.

Mock Rounds, Office Hours anD More!

Every week will be filled with other debate-related activities including mock rounds, office hours, and other practice opportunities.

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