Our Mission Statement

Youth Voices is a student-run 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization aiming to empower tomorrow’s leaders through discourse and debate. Our platform:

  • Fosters critical communication skills

  • Encourages students to embrace discomfort

  • Promotes participation in activism 

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Our Story

Growing up, we found a lack of debate programs in our local area for elementary and middle school students. The debate pipeline that had blessed other areas so strongly ran dry for the various schools in our Illinoisan school districts. Rather than gaining experience and honing their competitive skills, millions of kids who had potential in our communities weren’t even aware that debate was a path they could excel in. 


Witnessing the lack of opportunities for younger students to express their love in Speech and Debate, we assembled a strong team of students and founded Youth Voices on the principle that everyone deserves to have the chance to speak out for themselves. 

Officially registered as NFP and completely student run, we provide the best and most experienced qualified speakers to teach and engage with our students. To this day we are still driven by our mission to give every child the opportunities that they deserve. We continue to provide an active, tight-knit community to help our hundred strong (and counting) student body reach their fullest potential by learning how to speak for themselves and enact meaningful change.


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