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The National Congress Institute is our flagship high school offering, featuring top-tier instruction from nationally ranked coaches. The camp is online, lasts 5 weeks, and is designed to fit any schedule. Included are 10 hours of direct 1 on 1 coaching, 5 group (lab) sessions, mock rounds, office hours, and more!



​Our classes run year-round and offer competitive experiences and great coaching including interactive classes that teach you everything from the fundamentals of argumentative and speaking skills to advanced tournament tactics.


We offer a variety of events, including Speech, Congress, and Lincoln Douglas, with beginner, intermediate, and advanced courses for all ages and experience levels!


Club sessions are led by our YV high school students. Sessions are on Saturday evenings (7 pm CST), one-hour long, completely online, and include icebreaker activities, lectures, and breakout rooms tailored to student age/experience. Activities that take place include competitively proven drills, speaking exercises, fun debate games, and content lectures by top debaters and their coaches. 


Here is the YV Club Zoom Link!

Youth Voices offers membership to an exclusive Congressional debate private coaching roster throughout the competitive season. As of now, this roster has very limited space and requires demonstrated excellence in competition for admittance. Led by two former Yale champions and a two-time Harvard champion, the private coaching program is known colloquially as “WWK” for those familiar with the three instructors in question.

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