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Discounted Access to Debate Courses: Image


April 3, 2021-June 10, 2021

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Congress & Speech:

Beginner Congressional Debate Course:

Taught by Coach Eric, this course goes over the basics of Congressional Debate, such as the parts of an argument and the fundamentals of delivery.

Beginner Speech:

Coached by Justin, this course is the classic introduction to the world of speech! It will have the frequency and workload as other courses, meeting once a week, and will cover the Extemp, Impromptu, and Oratory categories.

Advanced Speech:

Coach Justin also leads the next level of Speech offered at Youth Voices, diving deeper and honing in on skills such as tone fluctuation and body language.

Lincoln-Douglas/Public Forum:

Intro to Debate:

For those with younger elementary students, the Intro to Debate course is the most approachable class that we offer at Youth Voices! It strips away the complex technical jargon present in all manners of debate, and focuses more on fostering curiosity in argumentation and logical reasoning as a whole.

Intermediate LD/PF Debate:

This course, led by Coach Sumeer, will teach students the fundamentals of logic and formal debate. Students will perform in-depth research on both sides of a topic/resolution. Students will be exposed to basic philosophical concepts and be expected to write cases. Finally, students can expect plenty of actual debating to happen. The debates will focus on persuasive delivery of arguments, formal note-taking of your opponent's arguments, and finally responding to opposing arguments.

Advanced Debate (Requires Experience):

This is the top level debate course geared to students who already know the fundamentals of competitive debate. Under the tutelage of Coach Sumeer, students can expect independent research, advanced topic analysis, case writing, learning basic philosophical concepts, and honing ‘in-round’ strategy. The course is meant to be a multi-year endeavor and will continually challenge and expand on concepts as students progress. These students will have the opportunity to attend major tournaments (i.e. Harvard and Middle School TOC) which are the highest levels of competition offered to this age group!

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