President (2021- )

Zach Wu is a junior at Naperville North High School. As the current #1 ranked Congressional debater in the country, Zach has been a highly-accomplished debater ever since his middle school days. In his three years of high school Congress, Zach has championed the Princeton Classic, the University of Pennsylvania Liberty Bell Classic, the Harvard Forensics Tournament, the Illinois Congressional Debate Association’s state tournament twice, and the IHSA State Championship. Along the way, he has accumulated 17 (and counting) bids to the prestigious Tournament of Champions, placing 2nd at the 2021 TOC and 6th at the 2021 NSDA Championship in the House. As a co-founder and the president of Youth Voices, Zach has helped to train over 150 debaters around the country to date. Outside of debate, Zach plays competitive high school golf. In his free time, he enjoys eating any food made well, playing a copious amount of pickup basketball, and listening to Mandarin pop music. 



Vice President

Brian Li is a senior at Naperville North High School. He is on Naperville North's tennis team and and competed on NNHS's table tennis team to take home the state championship title. He is well-versed in Python, Java, and mcfunction. This fall, Brian will be attending The University of Chicago to study Data Science. In his free time, Brian enjoys coding datapacks in Minecraft, boasting a repository of over 16 projects on GitHub. Brian also likes to play video games, draw, and play around with graphic design and animation.



Director of Activism 

Pushkar Betsur is a rising junior at Naperville Central High School who has competed at the state level for Congressional Debate and has won first place awards in local level competition. In addition, Pushkar is a semifinalist at the Illinois High School Association State Championship. He is also the Vice President of Naperville Central's Junior State of America chapter, which is where he developed a passion for advocacy. Pushkar is involved in robotics and has a passion for reading and cooking. He finds great achievement in being friends with President Zach Wu for the past six years.