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superior instruction

Every 2-3 weeks Youth Voices hosts online student-run meetings, to hone speech and debate skills, and raise students’ awareness of controversial issues. These frequent, accessible sessions are the backbone of our community, allowing students to engage with our exceptional instructors and interact with other debaters of their age. We do our best to provide fun and unique activities to engage in at every meeting.

Discounted Courses

Every season Youth Voices provides a platform that connects professional teachers with members in various Speech and Debate programs. The courses account for all levels and are offered at a discount, enabling students to get a boost in their education through professional coaching and refinement at a reasonable price.

 proven excellence

Youth Voices gives its students opportunities to practice their newfound skills and gain much-needed experience through the variety of tournaments and events, either hosted in a partnership or directly by Youth Voices. Students will learn about self-advocacy, empowering communities, and mental health awareness through these experiences, and are given the potential to shine!

Winter Classes

Our upcoming winter classes offer a competitive experience and great coaching including interactive classes that teach you the fundamentals of argumentative and speaking skills.


We offer a variety of events, including Speech and Debate, Congress, Lincoln Douglas, and Public Forum, with beginner, intermediate, and advanced courses for any and all ages and experience levels! 

Affordable prices, and top-tier instruction by nationally ranked coaches!

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Want to be a part of our growing community?

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