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Project Serena is designed for middle and high school kids to take part in their community through advocating against and bringing awareness to depression and mental health. This project's main concern is with the mental health of children, and thus will be geared towards helping younger audiences, although other groups would certainly be welcome. Project Serena is divided into 3 main categories: Awareness, Outreach, and Fundraising. Each category has 2 teams, leading to a total of 6 teams. Members on Project Serena will be able to apply for their preferred category, as well as leadership positions, such as team leader or project manager, giving members experience in activism and in delegation.

Project Serena: What We Do


Members in the Awareness category will be responsible for getting the word out and managing how others will find out about Project Serena. They will receive marketing experience through distribution and creation of flyers and educational pamphlets targeted towards our local demographic. They will also participate in raising awareness about speakers who will be hosted by Youth Voices.


Members in the Outreach category will be responsible for being proactive in their community and sending letters directly to politicians to revise policies towards mental health. Members will research and get a background on reforming the current system, such as education and other ways to raise awareness, in order to make a direct impact through politicians. They will then write to representatives and advocate for themselves.


Fundraising members of Project Serena will be responsible for raising money for various organizations, local and national. Youth Voices will collect funds raised by members and donate 100% of it towards these organizations. We at Youth Voices will also be donating towards them ourselves.


Project Serena: Text
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