Congratulations to Zach and William!

Updated: May 1

This past month was tremendous for the Youth Voices Team!

This April, our President Will Ma was admitted into both Stanford and Harvard University. Despite the challenges he faced this year due to the pandemic and the hardest admissions season in history, Will persisted and overcame hurdle after hurdle. We are beyond ecstatic and proud for Will.

Then, two weeks later, our Vice President Zach Wu came tantalizingly close to becoming the newest national champion in Congress, after taking 2nd Place at the Tournament of Champions, debate’s most prestigious major championship held at the University of Kentucky every spring. Zach dominated the competition at TOC, cementing himself as one of the premier high school debaters in the entire nation.

All of this further reaffirms that the leadership team exemplifies willpower, hard work, and diligence. Here at Youth Voices, we will not rest until we bring you the best possible experience and propel our students into greatness.

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