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Idyllic Art Workshop Recap

This Saturday's collab with Idyllic Art was a HUGE success, boasting over 65 attendees! The workshop focused on ways to cope with stress, and aimed to help relieve it through forms of art.

Participants first engaged in discussions about the ways to cope with stress, and then discussed what actions they'd take if they knew of a friend experiencing anxiety. Afterwards, participants were given time to create pieces of art related to anything that was significant to them.

Afterwards, Youth Voices introduced the "Voices of Art" speech contest. In this contest, contestants make short 1-2 minute recorded speeches explaining the significance of the artwork they created in the workshop. Finalists will present live on June 12th, and will have the opportunity to win among the hundreds of dollars in cash prizes, as well as scholarships to the Youth Voices Summer Camp. Make sure to participate if you don't want to miss out!

Contest registration closes on Sunday, May 23 11:59 P.M. It's not too late to register, please visit if you wish to participate.

The Idyllic Art Workshop is the 5th mental health partnership event Youth Voices has hosted, and we can't wait to bring you more.

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