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MSTOC Competition Results

At the 5/11 to 5/12 Middle School Tournament Champions, Youth Voices went toe-to-toe with the world's best and largest speech and debate programs, such as Harker and Harvard-Westlake. With 20 competitors across 4 different events, the YV MSTOC Team was tremendous.

In Congress, Helen Liang placed 12th in Finals and Allen Xu cleared to Semifinals.

In Lincoln-Douglas, Aiden Wang went 4-2 and made Triples, becoming the first LD debater from North Carolina to clear at the MSTOC.

In Extemporaneous Speaking, Hannah Leong and Shanya Yang cleared to Semifinals.

At a nationwide competition like this one, these are no easy feats. Our students preformed exceptionally during this tournament, and we are beyond proud of all of our competitors at MSTOC. We cannot wait to help them go even further in their speech and debate careers. Thank you for all your hard work!

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