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Victory at MSTOC

Congratulations to Team YV for their phenomenal performance at the 2022 MSTOC! With 20 competitors from 4 different events, the Youth Voices team achieved many victories against the best debate teams in the nation.

In Congress, Youth Voices captured yet another title, with Emilie Fann championing the tournament for her division. Additionally, the Congress Team advanced both Allen Xu and Rui Qin the semi-finals and Michelle Xiang to the final round, where she placed 3rd overall.

The Youth Voices Congress Team is coached by Nick Chen and Zach Wu. If you want to experience their championship caliber coaching, sign up for the Youth Voices Congress summer camp here!

In Extemporaneous Speaking, Hannah Leong’s stunning performance secured her a coveted semifinals placement.

The Youth Voices Speech team is coached by 2016 national champion Justin Cooper. If you’re interested, sign up for his Speech summer camp here!

In Lincoln-Douglas, 2nd year novice debater Kyle Wang cleared to triples, an impressive feat in a pool of over 120 debaters. Meanwhile in Public Forum, two of our first year debaters, Leon Jing and Julia Wan, were just two wins away from making outrounds in a field of over 200 experienced debaters.

Both the Youth Voices Lincoln-Douglas and Public Forum teams are coached by Sumeer Benawra. If you’re interested in either of his summer camps, sign up here!

Once again, congratulations to all of our competitors at the MSTOC! The Youth Voices family is beyond proud of the hard work and dedication you have put into your respective events day after day. Here’s to continued success in the days to come!

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