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Youth Voices Leadership Program Kicks Off!

We are thrilled to announce the Youth Voices Leadership Development Program is kicking off strong after selecting our 15 talented applicants! Students in the program will be working on executive-level tasks, project and event planning, and learn from current Youth Voices leaders on important communication and management skills.

Just last week, our students collaborated in groups to plan and pitch activities for our official club meetings! This invaluable experience gave students a chance to work with others, resolve conflicts, and plan ahead. We were impressed by the innovative ideas brought forth, and the next official club meeting will even feature an activity planned entirely by our leadership students.

The next leadership meeting will be next week (February 26th), and this time students interested in marketing will get a glimpse of how we conduct marketing and design. In the near future, students will have an opportunity to implement their own ideas onto our website, flyers, and social media.

Our goal is to provide valuable leadership experience and skill acquisition for our members, and we're so excited to finally get the ball rolling!

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